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Welcome to Sunono Resort Retreats, offering a relaxing retreat in the dazzling Scottish countryside. We provide luxurious creative retreats in a beautiful house nestled amidst the hills, mountains, and forests of the Scottish countryside.

With a private garden with barbecue facilities, a private lake, and cozy magic, the house and its grounds provide a secluded idyll perfect for inspiring creativity. Go out and explore, or just enjoy the views from the comfort of your room or the glass tearoom. We focus on giving you the time and space to be creative. All meals are therefore prepared and drinks provided. Choose whether you’d like to spend your time alone or in the company of the other guests.

Feda Shtia
About us
Where are we located?

Sunono Retreats is located in one of the most beautiful areas of the Scottish countryside, about 35 minutes from Edinburgh International Airport, and about 20 minutes from the historic Stirling Castle. Anyone who’s seen Braveheart has certainly heard of it.

You will stay in a secluded Victorian house surrounded by its own garden and private lake on a land area of more than 15 hectares. The building is over 200 years old and restoration began in 2020, taking the highest levels of care to simulate the classic Victorian taste that the house represents.

What makes Sunono special?

There will be no “Arab boy who is a stranger to the hand, face, and tongue”
(poem by Al Mutanabbi)

We are proud of providing services in the spirit of Arab hospitality and in the Arabic and English language. This is what makes our experience of the Scottish countryside incomparable. In the spirit of the above poem, we provide true and authentic hospitality. You can feel safe that your needs will be fully met. With love, warmth, and affection, we welcome you to Sunono Resort, the home of creativity and beauty.

Categories of Sunono Retreats
Categories of Sunono Retreats
Categories of Sunono Retreats

It’s time for that vacation

When will Sunono Resort be launched?

Sunono Resort will be launched in August 2023 in a trial period that will last until August 2024, within the limits of capacity for three visitors in separate rooms with independent bathrooms, or six with two visitors per room. This inaugural trial period comes with the aim of focusing on providing the highest quality services and progressive and balanced expansion in the future without compromising quality and bespoke service for each individual visitor

What is not available in Sunono Resort?

Sunono Resort promotes a healthy environment that inspires creativity, relaxation, and focus. Therefore, we strive to provide a calm and elegant environment in the bosom of nature, free from smoking of all kinds and alcohol of all kinds. We want the creative spa to fill your senses with nothing to disturb your peace of mind

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